PalOOCa is a Java-based extension for Calc. Like Palo ETL-Server it uses palojlib to communicate with the Open Source OLAP Server Palo.

PalOOCa menu in Calc            PalOOCa's architecture

Using PalOOCa you can create new queries to Palo and show the result data in Calc. Beyond that you can modify the data strucure of Palo. For example you could create a new cube via PalOOCa and add dimensions and elements.

Create a new view            Modify data structures of Palo

You can work with the result data like with every other data in Calc. This means that you can format the data or add i.e. charts.

Screenshot Management Cockpit with PalOOCa 01            Screenshot Management Cockpit with PalOOCa 02

PalOOCa comes with translations in English and German. The selected language depends on the language of

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