Introducing the Team

The home of PalOOCa is the chair for Business Intelligence at Chemnitz University of Technology in Saxony/Germany/Europe.

Developement is conducted in cooperation with proclos.

Team members TU Chemnitz:

Team members proclos: (starting from version 5.0.0)

Team members Tensegrity: (until version 2.0.3)

Christian and Andreas introducing PalOOCa at the CeBIT

Project History: Initial developement started at TU Chemnitz. Until Version 2.0.3 Tensegrity Software was activily involved in developement before deciding to close their branch of the project sources. Starting from version 5.0.0 open source developement was resumed by proclos in cooperation with TU chemnitz based on version 2.0.3 but contains major changes / improvements in the olap connectivity layer and spreadsheet rendering algorithms.

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